Brangus Registers

Brangus cattle can only be bred from the Angus and Brahman breeds of cattle. The Association allows the level of Bos Indicus blood in Brangus to vary to suit breeder’s different environmental requirements. Brahman Blood percentage is required to be within 25-75% for all registration levels with the exception of the Commercial and Enrolment levels.
The levels that cattle can be recorded at are:

•    Commercial
•    Enrolment
•    Foundation     
•    Registered

Commercial Register

Any animal of any breed composition and age are eligible for entry into the Commercial Book. All calves recorded in the Commercial Book will be individually identified with an ear tag and/or tattoo, and brand. 

Animals recorded in the Commercial Book may be upgraded into the Enrolment, Calf Register or Herd Book upon satisfaction of the recording conditions as detailed for each of those Books.

Upgrading of an animal will subject the owner to payment of such upgrade fees as the Management Committee may from time to time prescribe.

Enrolment Register

This is the entry level for the breed.  Cattle that are acceptable for this level are:

•    Registered Angus

•    Registered Brahman cattle

•    Commercial Brangus cattle that have been inspected for suitable type by an ABCA appointed inspector

 The following cattle also are recorded in the Enrolment register

•    The first cross progeny of mating Angus and Brahman parents

•    Cattle that fall outside of the 25 to 75% Brahman blood percentages
Progeny of Enrolment cattle are eligible to be registered as Foundation level with the exception of F1 Brahman and Angus cattle.

Foundation Level

Foundation level cattle are required to be between 25-75% Bos Indicus blood with the balance being Angus. All progeny of Enrolment level cattle with the required Bos Indicus content will be recorded as Foundation level. Progeny of Enrolment cattle outside this Bos Indicus percentage remain at Enrolment level.

Registered Brangus

Animals whose parents are at least recorded in the Foundation level and whose Bos Indicus percentage falls between 25-75% are eligible for the Registered level. Registered Brangus is the highest level in the Brangus Herdbook.

Generation Number

Registered Brangus and Advanced Foundation level Brangus have their number of fully registered generations recorded. The Registered progeny of a Foundation animal will be recorded as Zero Generation. Subsequent progeny by Registered or Advanced Foundation level will be One Generation.

Registered Brangus cannot be bred from any other breed than Brahman and Angus
Only animals of the same register level and above can be used to advance the registration status of their progeny.

Interpreting Brangus Identification

Brangus cattle when recorded with the ABCA are given a constructed identification, which indicates
•    The first three alpha numeric digits are the Breeder Ident which is unique to each herd (e.g. XXX)

•    The next two numeric digits are the year drop (e.g. 04)

•    The next alpha character is the registration level:  

                    - Commercial = C
                    - Enrolment = E
                    - Foundation = F
                    - Advance Foundation = A
                    - Registered = R

•    The last alpha numeric characters are the breeders identification in their herd (e.g. 256)

For further information contact the Executive Officer or Registrar.
Australian Brangus Cattle Association Ltd