cow families

468 Cow Family

As this is one of the very best cow families currently available worldwide as well as one of the largest, Wetherby has chosen its first donor heifer from this family. By blending lower birth weight, high growth rates, maternal excellence and top REA measurements, this 468 cow family is highly prized by leading studs.  

541 Cow Family

The 541 Cow Family is known for fleshing ability, muscle, milk, and scrotal circumference    

The 541 Cow Family has re-written the record books for Telpara Hills as well as the US' leading Brangus Studs, Camp Cooley Ranch, Mound Creek, Cavenders and the Oaks. It continues to produce numerous AI sires and females with big EPD packages, including our US$70,000 embryo donor.
820 Cow Family
The 820 cow family is a newer generation family known for being big, growthy, heavily-muscled females that retain their femininity.

This family is also exciting as an outcross to many of the dominant Brangus bloodlines and produces standout bulls and females. Wetherby's newest bull is Telpara Hills Countdown, 820K12.