Ultrasound Pregnancy Testing


Pregnancy testing cows using ultrasound is a straight forward process. New clients are always surprised by how 'minimal' the stress is on the cows, when compared to a manual test.

A basic pregnancy test to identify pregnant and empty cows can be performed at almost any stage of pregnancy, up to 7-8 months, although it is better (and easier) to scan earlier than later. A non-pregnant cow can be accurately diagnosed as 'empty' as early as five weeks from being with the bull. 

Pregnancy scanning can be very effective in identifying early/late calving cows. This needs to be performed during early pregnancy i.e. five to l0 weeks after the bull has been removed.

With reasonable handling facilities and sufficient labour keeping the cows coming forward, upwards of 150-200 cows per hour can be pregnancy tested.

Dairy farmers have been quick to grasp the benefits of using ultrasound because of its speed and cost effectiveness as well as the accuracy and stress-free nature.

Beef producers are also involved in Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer programs. They are taking advantage of this technology for accuracy and efficiently managing their herds/studs.