wetherby brangus Breeding objectives 

1. Fertility

Wetherby Brangus selects bulls and females for optimum fertility, with cows expected to produce a live calf each year. Udder soundness is a given with breeders.
Bulls are semen tested and measured and recorded for scrotal diameter.

 2. Adaptability

Wetherby Brangus animals perform in a range of climates and produce for a range of markets. The ability comes from structurally sound, moderate framed cattle that do not solely rely on high performance feed to be productive.

Wetherby cattle are evaluated on grass performance to ensure that they will provide the commercial cattleman with functional and marketable cattle.

 3. Longevity and constitution

Wetherby Brangus takes pride in breeding structurally sound animals that have a softness of coat, excellent temperament, high fertility and longevity.

4. Balanced EBV’s

Wetherby Brangus does not single trait select for any particular EBV. We believe that for economic sustainability, a balance between Growth, Carcase and fertility EBV’s should be achieved.

 5. Growth

Wetherby Brangus selects for moderate birth weight cattle, with the highest growth possible consistent with our policy of avoiding unsustainably high mature cow weights. In our view excessive mature weight may result in diminished fertility and finishing ability. Sustainability is a function of moderate size, fertility and doing ability.

6. Temperament

Wetherby Brangus selects for temperament in the stud and commercial breeding herds, calves and weaners as well as with stud bulls bought in or sold. Low stress stock handling (LSSH) is practiced in the paddock as well as in the yards, when stock can be observed for this trait.


Telpara Hills Conroe 541D14 with his stud cows and calves.